Choosing A Sous Vide Machine Right


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Culinary experts in commercial eateries like restaurants and hotels have been using the Sous Vide machine for many years.  Now, this once restaurant-equipment is made available to home cooks who have the time to experiment on different dishes for their family.  Because of the variety of Sous Vide precision cookers out in the market, how does one go about choosing a good brand?


Types of Sous Vide

In general, there are two types of Sous Vide machines in the market.  Some prefer one type over the other for reasons such as size of the device, accuracy, and ease of use.  Others even tried to make their own Sous Vide apparatuses at home.  The do-it-yourself Sous Vide type will not be discussed in this article, however, as the aim is to give advice on the best Sous Vide brands available.


Type 1: SV Immersion Circulators

This type of precision cooker is a standalone immersion circulator.  Water is heated and circulated around a container, usually a pot that is already in the kitchen, in order to keep cooking temperatures precise and consistent. They are affordable, easy-to-use and are not bulky because they do not come with a built-in water bath. Moreover, they can be simply clipped on and adjusted to any cookware.


Best Brands to Choose From:  The Anova Precision® Cooker, ChefSteps Joule, Nomiku, and Sansaire.


Type 2: SV Water Ovens

This type is often referred to as countertop water baths.  About the same size as a microwave oven, water ovens are fully-contained and priced around $500 or more.  Because of the containers where water is placed, water baths are usually bulky and do not circulate the water which may cause temperature inconsistencies in cooking.


Best Brands to Choose From:  SousVide Supreme, AquaChef, and Gourmia, Oliso, Gourmia and Instant Pot.


Choosing an All-in-One Cooking Machine


  • Cost & Accuracy. Immersion Circulators sell for about $600 - $800 a piece while Water Ovens cost around $300 - $500. The choice will largely depend on the budget but also on other factors like space the machine takes up in the kitchen or ease of use.  In terms of accuracies in cooking temperatures, one can rely on Sous Vide Immersion Circulators over Water Ovens.


  • Heating Speed and Control. Precision cookers like immersion circulators definitely beat water baths in terms of temperature control and heating speed. If one should make the choice of purchasing Water Ovens, one should be prepared to spend more time in the kitchen monitoring these two parameters.


  • Ease of Set Up & Ease of Use. Both immersion circulators and water ovens are easy to set up and use. The final consideration should be the available space one has in the kitchen.


  • Equipment Size or Bulkiness. Immersion Circulators take up less space than Water Ovens. They can be stored away neatly in shelves whereas water baths are usually left on table tops just like microwave ovens are.



When considering purchasing a Sous Vide machine, one should narrow down the criteria for selecting the equipment.  Factors such as ease-of-use, cost and size will always be of prime importance for some home cooks.  When all is said and done, both Sous Vide immersion circulators and water ovens do the job in cooking food to perfection.

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