Common Post-Launch Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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There are a few things more exciting than the launch of a website. However, the design process doesn’t end with its completion. In actuality, it’s only just begun. Most of its success with performance is usually derived from planning early; establishing clear and concise objectives, benchmarking KPIs, understanding the intended audience, getting it optimized for mobile, and mapping out its structure. But it is the refining and tuning of its pages after it gets off the ground that separates good ones from bad ones. Hiring a reliable Milwaukee web design firm would help to avoid all of the common post-launch web design mistakes listed in this article.

Ignoring Analytics

To know if the website is functioning optimally, it is crucial to monitor the results through analytical tracking. After all, you won’t understand what the web pages are doing right or wrong if you don’t check and actively assess the situation. Make sure that the tracking codes for marketing and web analytics are incorporated into it. The oversight isn’t uncommon but it can lead to missed opportunities. Here are a few essential metrics to keep an eye out for:

  • Conversion rates. Do users find what they need from the website and are committing financial resources for purchases?
  • Bounce rates. Are people leaving the website due to poor design, broken links, or lack of relevant information?
  • Duration on the website. Is the intended audience engaged with the content posted on your website?
  • Source of referral. Where does most of the inbound web traffic come from? Social media, PPC, or organic search?
  • How many people go to your website? Is it increasing every week?

Skimping out on this part of the process won’t give you the information that you need to determine whether your efforts are producing the desired returns. So make sure that you incorporate tools like Google analytics from the outset. It will help you collect all of the data that you require. But if you’re still unsure about what to do, seek the assistance of a Milwaukee web design company.

Forgetting to Tie Loose Ends

Anyone who has ever opened a link only to end up in a blank page and a 404 error knows how frustrating it is. Not only does this problem irritate users, but it also forces them to look for another site that has the information that they’re trying to find. This problem usually happens when the domain owner forgets to tie up loose ends, and this can lead to lost opportunities and a damaged reputation. It is for this reason that you must monitor all of the web pages after the website’s launch. Here are some tips:

  • Run a check for broken links as soon as the website launches to double-check if you missed anything.
  • To fix dead links, use URLs of new pages rather than creating redirects.
  • Check hits for 404 errors after a couple of days to see if they’re high.
  • Type in targeted keywords to ensure that no dated URLs or old pages are seen.

Not Monitoring or Updating the Website Regularly

Every website requires regular updates with fresh and new content to keep it as fruitful and relevant as it is dynamic. Many businesses make the mistake of investing in the launch of the website only to forget to commit to improvements in the long-term. A website is an extension of the brand, after all. Thus, it shouldn’t be a finished and static product.

  • Calls-to-action are vital for several reasons. Because of this, it needs to be optimized on A//B performance tests.
  • Forms for landing pages. A landing page must have a form so that sales teams are given accurate information.
  • Landing page. A website needs to have a landing page because it’ll help the brand highlight new goods and services and eliminate discontinued offerings.
  • News and blogs. Updating the blog and news sections weekly or monthly will help keep the brand relevant and engage users.

To ensure that the relaunch is successful, you must also communicate with your staff to map out what needs to be done in the next six months to a year. From delegating duties such as the responsibility of content creation to regularly monitoring the results, improving the website constantly will help it remain relevant.

There’s no denying that a website can make a difference for a business’s ability to market itself, improve trust, and establish brand recognition. As much of a milestone as the launch may be, it isn’t the end. You must continue the journey to reap the results of your efforts. Most often, a Milwaukee web design company would be of great help.

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