Make Your Smart Home ‘Smarter’ Today

The way technology is advancing these days, having a smart home has become a lot more exciting. From your home’s temperature, lighting and even safety control, the gadgets and tools you can add in your home are almost limitless. These gadgets can easily make you want to keep adding more and more of these. If you already have a smart home, it is time for you to upgrade and make your home ‘smarter’.

Add Voice-enabled Devices

Earlier, voice-enabled devices could only play music. Now, there are voice-enabled devices that act as your assistant. They can control your lights, set your alarms and even guide you with accurate directions, even without pressing a button. Some of these gadgets also alert you if anything unusual happens at your home.

Smart Lighting Options

Automating your lighting system can slash a huge fraction of your power bill. Pair them with sensors, wireless control, and dimmers can help you save a lot. You can set your home lights to turn on and off, depending on your daily schedule, add motion sensors, and you will not be wasting energy at all. You can even use your Smartphone to control the color, brightness, and even the ambiance of your house. Learn more at

If your smartphone is not good enough, you can install a smart home device that can notify while you have the lights turned on. Apart from the alerts, this device offers you an estimate of how much energy your home has already consumed.

Secure Your Router

While you are building a smart home, you should not limit your concern to the kinds of devices you will invest in; you must take proper measures on how you will secure everything inside the house. The router you choose happens to be one of your home’s most vulnerable spots. Much like your home’s front door, you should keep it secure to keep intruders out.

Keep changing the passwords. As soon as you get one, change the default passcode with something that cannot be easily guessed. Refrain from using your phone number or birth year. Create a lengthy password and ensure to use alphanumeric characters so that it becomes harder to crack.

Upgrade The Smoke Detector

An average smoke detector gets activated even when you are cooking, this may cause confusion, especially if you have quite a few units at home. If you are unable to monitor it, there is no way you will get instant alerts about a possible fire – unless you have someone looking after your house. For your security and safety, it is best to upgrade your home’s smoke detector to something a lot smarter.

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