Mock The Week: The App

Love the TV show? Well, brace yourselves... as yes! It's your chance to indulge in the 'Mock' experience anytime you like with just one smudgy tap on your iPhone or iPod screen.

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Enjoy new and never seen on the show Scenes We'd Like To See, If This Is The Answer, Headliners and more, all in the palm of your hand, and that's not all...

  • enter regular competitions with the chance to win tickets to the show and other Mock The Week goodies
  • prove you're as funny as us, by submitting your own jokes for our TV comedy producers to review and publish the best of on the app
  • get hot new jokes regularly beamed to you so you can update and increase your library
  • give a thumbs up to the jokes you like and see what everyone else thinks too
  • like a joke, copy it to your e-mail and send it to a friend
  • love a joke, put it in your favourites

It's the app they said could never happen, but it's here, now, and it could be yours at the click of a button. Today.

Buy it now on iTunes!

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