Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV 3

If you've ever wondered how 'Mock the Week' would look in a world without censors, then wonder no more. This exclusive DVD contains three specially expanded episodes with all the smut put back in and an even more outrageous sixty minute reel of completely new 'too hot' material.

See Dara, Frankie, Russell, Andy and Hugh go further than ever before with star guests like Ed Byrne, Rhod Gilbert and David Mitchell joining in the misbehaviour.

This DVD features exclusive DVD extras: three specially chosen classic episodes from the series archives, all featuring unseen material:

  • the Elves and Testicles Show
  • the Prisons and Other Dodgy Stuff Show
  • the Johnny Blowjob and Bird Flu Show

The 'Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV 3' DVD was released in the UK on November 8th 2010 and is available now on


Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV 2

From the makers of last year's bestselling 'Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV' (see below) comes the ingeniously titled sequel 'Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV 2'. Brilliantly packaged in a different bluey coloured case and featuring close to three hours of outrageous material, this is the DVD they tried to ban!

WATCH! Dara, Frankie, Andy, Hugh and Russell at their rudest and funniest yet. LAUGH! at the side splitting, specially crafted 60 minute main feature of unseen 'too hot' material. Then, as a barely credible bonus SEE! the infamous 'Anal Lube Show', suppressed for three years and thought to be an urban myth but included here in all its unedited glory for the first time, along with two other recut shows featuring all the jokes that were considered too strong first time round.

The 'Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV 2' DVD was released in the UK on November 9th 2009 and is available now on (£11.98), PLAY.COM (£11.99 inc. delivery) and (£11.99 inc. delivery). Order now and save 40%!


Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV

Mock The Week comes to DVD for the first time. Over 2 and ¾ hours of the hottest standup comedians, in the funniest programme on TV.

The 'Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV' DVD contains all the best laugh-out loud clips we couldn't show on TV, that haven't been seen anywhere else, for reasons of taste, decency and sheer outrageousness. For the first time see previously unseen and unbroadcast material from Dara O Briain, Frankie Boyle, Hugh Dennis, Andy Parsons, Russell Howard and a host of the funniest stand-up comedians on the circuit.

In addition, get exclusive DVD extras: 'The Producer's Cut' of the top 3 episodes from series 5 (summer 2007) re-edited with another 17 minutes of 'too hot for TV' material restored.

A must for any fan of the show or anyone who wants to see the most outrageous comedy ever! The 'Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV' DVD was released in the UK on November 26th 2007 and is available now from Amazon UK.

Here's an exclusive clip from the DVD, regarding the headline T.F.H.C. You'll be pleased to hear it contains strong language (so if you're under 18, don't look!). Click the 'Too Hot For TV' logo to play it:

And here are some more clips we've put up on our Mock The Week channel on YouTube:

The DVD: 3

Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV 3' DVD

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The DVD: 2

Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV 2' DVD

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'Mock The Week: Too Hot For TV' DVD

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