Understanding The Marketing Funnel: Strategies To Improve Your Email Marketing

Marketing funnel

When we talk to entrepreneurs about what is currently the biggest digital marketing challenge? There are two topics that stand out:

  • I wonder how I get to new customers on the Internet. There are so many strategies and I do not know which one to bet on.
  • Where do you take the time for Facebook, blog?

We can understand that very well.

What is a funnel?

Funnel means funnel. So we have a big opening at the top and a small opening at the bottom.

Honestly, the term is a bit misleading, in a funnel down comes out the same as above comes in. At a sale funnel is not the case, it is rather a filter.

We use online marketing strategies to filter out a smaller number of prospects and customers from a large number of website, blog, or landing page visitors.

What types of funnels are there?

Most people always mean the same thing with these terms.

But since the marketing takes place before the sale, you can quite separate these three Funnels. The goal, however, is in any case a conversion.

A conversion can be completing a form, contacting by phone, or selling.

Why do I need a funnel now?

Summarized in two points:

  • Processes can be automated. Instead of doing everything manually, you use tools that do it for you.
  • In a funnel, you can install as many touch points as you want. So you show expertise and build trust.

Before you build your first funnel, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

The 4-question formula of a funnel

WHO: Who is your favorite customer?

WHERE: Where is he staying?

HOW: Which lead magnet do you want to wear?

RESULT: What solution do you offer him?

6 tips to improve your email marketing

Despite its somewhat dusty reputation, e-mail marketing remains one of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rate. It still works one way or another.

However, for your e-mail marketing to be really effective, you need to give it all the attention you need.

How to improve your e-mail marketing strategy?

Email marketing can be very powerful. If you do not use it properly the results can be quickly disastrous. Here are 6 tips to take advantage of your emails and build a relationship of trust with your subscribers.

1- Make sure your subscribers really want to receive your emails

As a marketer, you absolutely must avoid spamming. Even if your customers have subscribed to your newsletter themselves, they may not agree with the content or the amount of emails you send them. In this case, you did not specify enough during the registration process what your customers would receive later.

If the acquisition of your subscribers requires a prior authorization or a contact form, you must be clear from the beginning.

Indeed, no one wants to see landing unwanted e-mails daily in his inbox. Do not be the unwanted guest who arrives unexpectedly, but rather the nice neighbor who brings a piece of cake.

2 - Do not confuse your customers with your subscribers

Working on the build of new e-mail addresses is wise and useful. However, this is only part of effective email marketing. Pay attention to the different needs your customers may have. Create a database with all their contacts.

Under no circumstances should you send generic e-mails to all the addresses you have. Customers who have already purchased something are more likely to buy again when they receive promotional offers, discount coupons or information about new items.

On the other hand, customers who are explicitly interested in the value-added content they have discovered through your content marketing, do not necessarily want us to try to convince them to make a new purchase. They would even be rather bothered by this offer.

Learn more about the different needs of your customers. Send them multiple emails rather than one that might be too vague and general.

3 - Your e-mails are more than a fast channel of diffusion

You have just posted a new article on your blog. You already want to broadcast it without further delay. You write an e-mail to your list of subscribers and insert a link to your publication, thanks to some inviting formulas. Fault! Pay more attention to your subscribers and online forms. They represent more than just the visitor who stumbles across your page after a Google search, without really lingering.

Your subscribers trust you: they think you're not going to annoy them. You're not going to send more emails than originally planned. Do not consider your e-mails as an additional fast delivery channel adapted to any type of content. Instead, take the time to find the right formulas for your different subscribers. Send them only the most appropriate content, able to interest and seduce them.

4 - Know your audience

The subscription form to your newsletter is well located, your online marketing is paying off and the number of your subscribers is growing. That's good, but your work does not stop there.

If you want to send effective emails for your marketing, then you need to know your subscribers perfectly. It is therefore worth asking some questions: how did you acquire the addresses in question? What content brought you contacts? At what time of the day, and which emails led to a conversion? Take meticulous notes on these points and measure the conversion rate regularly.

If you get to know exactly when, how often, and what type of content it works with, you'll be able to write much better emails for your marketing.

5 - Your emails must be more than just an offer

For you new product and well-edited product range or your end-of-season sales seem to be excellent news: for your customers, this is just an offer from thousands of others.

The world of consumption is present everywhere, and at any time. If your customers are not looking for an offer, then it's best to hide it adroitly. The reflex of wanting to disseminate this kind of information by e-mail is not appropriate. It is better to first offer your customers’ useful information, and then provide them with an indication of your offer.

6 - Your title lacks originality

Forget the objects of the type Newsletter August 2015 or New: our winter collection! Your subscribers read the title first and then look at who the sender is. If your item does not promise anything of interest, your email will probably end up in the trash.

Write good hooks. Arouse the curiosity of your readers, ask questions or find catchy headlines.

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